Meet Lee, your new
Virtual Nonprofit Director

If your nonprofit is in need of executive guidance to navigate these unprecedented times, then a Virtual Nonprofit Director will be your valuable partner, offering leadership, guidance and strategic decision-making right now, in-person or virtually.

Why Your Nonprofit Might Need A
Virtual Nonprofit Director

If you are a nonprofit navigating today’s unprecedented climate and new financial landscape of Covid-19, ask yourself the following timely questions, and if your answers are “yes” to any of them, then the Virtual Nonprofit Director could be exactly what your nonprofit needs to succeed. Does your nonprofit need any of these valuable services? 

Interim or Ongoing Executive Leadershipry

Are you in a transition and do you need immediate leadership from an Interim Director? Do you need support finding a director of diversity after your Interim ED transition?

Sustainability & Service Delivery

Do you have barriers to delivering your services? How will you manage a potentially reduced staff and volunteers and how will the delivery of your services be modified to adhere to new social distancing realities?

Direction & Leadership

Are you looking for direction and a strategic lifeline for your valuable services?

Financial Viability

Are you looking for direction and a strategic lifeline for your valuable services?


If the answer was yes to any of the questions above, click the blue button and let’s set up a time to talk.

How Does The Virtual Nonprofit Director Work?

As seamless as meeting in person and reviewing your organization’s mission, short and long-term goals, Lee, your Virtual Nonprofit Director will meet you and work through your goals step by step.  After you have filled out and submitted the Intake Questionnaire , she will meet virtually and walk through next steps, timeframe goals and fees.

Virtual Zoom or In Person

Complete your Intake Questionnaire. We will review any online website, social or 990 Tax Information for your nonprofit. Then we will contact you to schedule a Zoom meeting until we are able to meet In Person in the future.

Work Plan Development​

Based upon your nonprofit’s needs and areas of focus you would like executive support with, a work plan will be developed and presented via email and a follow up Zoom with Shared Screen.

Project Hours Fees Timing

Project Hours, Fees and Work Timeline will be assessed, based upon your budget capabilities and will be agreed upon prior to project start.

Case Studies

What A Virtual Executive Director
Can Do for Your Nonprofit

✓ Strategic Organizational Assessment

✓ Financial Management & Budget Review

✓ Staff and Program Review

✓ Online Marketing Assessment

✓ Branding

✓ Data Management & Updated Systems

✓ Business Development & New Revenue Streams

✓ Board Governance, Oversight & Increased Diversity

✓ Leadership Coaching

✓ Website Review

✓ Marketing Plan


Organizations Lee Has Successfully Directed or Worked With....

Lee Morgan Brown
Virtual Nonprofit Director

Lee Morgan Brown brings 30+ years of experience and a proven track record in the public and private business sectors. She works effectively with large or small teams, understands business goals and crafts strategic executive plans accordingly. She is very skilled at navigating board dynamics, founder involvement, stakeholder needs, executive leadership, team development and the critical work of financials. Artful at marketing and communications, Lee has had extensive on the ground experience managing nonprofits during times of crisis.

Contact Lee

Intake Questionnaire

Before contacting Lee please take a few minutes to fill out an Intake Questionnaire to share your nonprofit’s information. Thank you!

Virtual Nonprofit Director At-A-Glance

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